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Selected Journal Articles

Solution-driven bioinspired design: Themes of latch-mediated spring-actuated systems

Mathur, T., Viornery, L., Bolmin, O., Bergbreiter, S., & Wissa, A.

Aerial and aquatic biological and bioinspired flow control strategies

Othman, A. K., Zekry, D. A., Saro-Cortes, V., Lee, K. J. P., & Wissa, A. A.

Robust design and evaluation of a novel modular origami-enabled mobile robot (OSCAR)

Angatkina, O., Alleyne, A. G., & Wissa, A.

Insect-scale jumping robots enabled by a dynamic buckling cascade

Wang, Y., Wang, Q., Liu, M., Qin, Y., Cheng, L., Bolmin, O., ... & Tawfick, S.

Covert-inspired flaps: an experimental study to understand the interactions between upperwing and underwing covert feathers

Zekry, D. A., Nam, T., Gupta, R., Zhu, Y., & Wissa, A. A.

Feather-inspired flow control device across flight regimes

Othman, A. K., Nair, N. J., Goza, A., & Wissa, A.

Scaling of jumping performance in click beetles (Coleoptera: Elateridae)

Bolmin, O., McElrath, T. C., Wissa, A., & Alleyne, M.

An adaptable flying fish robotic model for aero-and hydrodynamic experimentation

Saro-Cortes, V., Cui, Y., Dufficy, T., Boctor, A., Flammang, B. E., & Wissa, A.

Addressing diverse motivations to enable bioinspired design

Barley, W. C., Ruge-Jones, L., Wissa, A., Suarez, A. V., & Alleyne, M.

Nonlinear elasticity and damping govern ultrafast dynamics in click beetles

Bolmin, O., Socha, J. J., Alleyne, M., Dunn, A. C., Fezzaa, K., & Wissa, A. A.

Covert-inspired flaps for lift enhancement and stall mitigation

Duan, C., & Wissa, A.

Latch and release: how the thoracic hinge morphology and mechanics enable the click of Elaterid beetles (Coleoptera: Elateridae)

Bolmin, O., Wei, L., Hazel, A. M., Dunn, A. C., Wissa, A., & Alleyne, M.

The Function of the Alula on Engineered Wings: A Detailed Experimental Investigation of a Bioinspired Leading-Edge Device

Ito, M. R., Duan, C., & Wissa, A. A.

Model-based design of a multistable origami-enabled crawling robot

Gustafson, K., Angatkina, O., & Wissa, A.

Bioinspired Wingtip Devices: A Pathway to Improve Aerodynamic Performance During Low Reynolds Number Flight

Lynch, M., Mandadzhiev, B., & Wissa, A.

A crawling robot driven by multi-stable origami

Pagano, A., Yan, T., Chien, B., Wissa, A., & Tawfick, S.

An experimental study of an airfoil with a bio-inspired leading edge device at high angles of attack

Mandadzhiev, B. A., Lynch, M. K., Chamorro, L. P., & Wissa, A. A.

Free Flight Testing and Performance Evaluation of a Passively Morphing Ornithopter

Wissa, A., Grauer, J., Guerreiro, N., Hubbard Jr, J., Altenbuchner, C., Tummala, Y., ... & Roberts, R.

Analytical Model and Stability Analysis of the Leading Edge Spar of a Passively Morphing Ornithopter Wing

Wissa, A., Calogero, J., Wereley, N., Hubbard, J. E., & Frecker, M.

Design and optimization of a contact aided compliant mechanism for passive bending

Tummala, Y., Wissa, A., Frecker, M., & Hubbard, J. E.

Design and optimization of a bend-and-sweep compliant mechanism

Tummala, Y., Frecker, M. I., Wissa, A. A., & Hubbard Jr, J. E.

Passively Morphing Ornithopter Wings using a Novel Compliant Spine: Design and Testing

Wissa, A. A., Tummala, Y., Hubbard Jr, J. E., & Frecker, M. I.

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