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Diaa Zekry


B.S. in Aerospace Engineering
Zewailcity University of Science and Technology, Egypt, 2019

Diaa Zekry


Diaa is an Egyptian student who had a passion for science and engineering since his high school days. He joined Zewailcity university in Fall 2014 and chose Aerospace as his field of interest. During his undergraduate studies, he developed a strong base of Aerodynamics and Astrodynamics. For his senior project, he developed a 3D unsteady unstructured potential solver that can be used to solve for the aerodynamic coefficients and forces as the basis for preliminary designs because of its low cost compared to CFD simulations. Diaa’s dream was to have the ability to contribute to the scientific community one day. So, he decided to pursue his graduate studies at the University of Illinois in Aerospace Engineering starting Fall 2019 and joined the BAM lab.


Leading Edge Alula-Inspired Device (LEAD): A Pathway Towards Mission Adaptability

Diaa’s research is focused on the Alula Project. Diaa is currently working on a deployment mechanism that will enable the active control of the alula in the wind tunnel or on a plane for flight testing. Diaa’s research goal is to implement his findings on a small UAV to increase its flight envelop and mission adaptability.

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