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Ahmed Othman


B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Minor in Mathematics

Minor in Engineering Management

University of Evansville, 2020

Ahmed Othman


Ahmed was born and raised in El-Fayoum, Egypt. Ahmed showed an interest in science and Engineering, especially since joining one of the newly established, at the time, STEM boarding high schools in Egypt, where he polished his first engineering skills and decided to come to the US to earn his mechanical engineering degree. He completed his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering with minors in mathematics and engineering management at the University of Evansville, Indiana. Ahmed's work at the University of Evansville was focused mainly on fluid mechanics and the dynamics of ground and aerial vehicles either through the NASA student launch initiative, the SAE formula car competition, or the NASA rover challenge. While completing his undergraduate degree, he also worked at EWSU, where his work included: flow measurements, designing of new pump system, and determining fluid flow’s chemical and mechanical properties to aid the building of a new water treatment plant. Ahmed joined the BAM Lab in the fall of 2020, working on the covets-inspired deployable structures for flow control project.

Outside of research, Ahmed enjoys soccer, reading, working out, and exploring new places.


Covert-Inspired Deployable Structures for Flow Control

Ahmed's research focuses on designing bio-inspired passively deployable flap systems that provide a new paradigm for simple and effective flow control of unsteady aerodynamic phenomena. His research goals are to evaluate the aerodynamic benefits of the covert-inspired flap systems, the dependency of such benefits on the flap structural parameters, and the physical mechanisms that govern this fluid-structure interaction setup through time-resolved flow field measurements from wind tunnel experiments along with data-driven and physics-based models.



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