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Flying Fish Media
Crowdsourcing Campaign

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​​The BAM Lab is excited to announce the launch of our flying fish media crowdsourcing campaign as part of our research on flying fish locomotion! We need your help to collect photos and videos of flying fish in action. Our flying fish team, led by Professor Aimy Wissa and PhD student Valeria Saro-Cortes, will be analyzing your submissions for information including fish geometry (i.e. fin shapes, angles, and position on the fish body) and kinematics (i.e. the trajectory that the fish takes when it is in flight). This information is crucial for future scientific publications that we are in the process of producing.

Please don't be shy with your submissions! What you might think is not useful to us could turn out to be very insightful. We will select submissions and their authors (you!) to be featured on our website and acknowledged in future publications that use this data. So please go ahead and upload your submissions using the form that can be accessed through the link at the bottom of this page.

Keep an eye on your email and this website for updates about your submissions!


The BAM Lab, Flying Fish Team


1. Roshan Kamath, Pexels License (flying fish photo)

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